Why keep the users anonymous?

When you sign up for the app there you will be asked to create a profile, which includes a username. The amount of information that is provided is up to the user, who can choose to display their full name. Additionally, a user rating system will be in place so that land owners will be able to make decisions about strangers based on their interactions with other land owners and land users will be able to determine if land owners are respectful.

  Does this app list the names and contact information of the land owners?

No. This app will be voluntary sign up, and owners will have to select the land that they are willing to provide access to. The information will be verified, and the land will be set to available. All access requests go to the owner through the app, so no personal information is required. Owners will be also be able to take their home quarters off of the app to maintain privacy.

  Why not just knock on the door like it has always been?

Not all land owners are present and it can be difficult to locate them if they are not at home. In cases like this or when owner information is not readily available are hoping to facilitate the communication. Land owners will also have the option to give permission in person after the initial contact has been made.

We also think that this will improve safety and security seeing as strangers will be less likely to just drive up to a land owner’s front door.

  What activities are covered?

We are hoping to cover all outdoor recreational activities so that land owners have as much control as possible over who can be on the land and for what reason. We would also like to give users the ability to select intended routes to make requesting permissions simple and easy.

  What if land owners do not have smartphones?

There will also be a desktop version of the app. SaskLander is not trying to replace face to face interactions with land owners but provide an alternative way of getting permission.

  Relationship with the trespass act

Our relationship with the government is only in the form of the grant and introduction to Innovation Saskatchewan. We are a private company developing this app because we think that it can bring real value to the strong community of outdoor recreational users in Saskatchewan and encourage people to explore more of this wonderful province.

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The Problem of Land Access


Post Land

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No need to buy RM maps or signs and spend a day driving around, know what is available when.

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Be sure that strangers are in good standing before meeting them.

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