Does this app list the names and contact information of the land owners?

No, SaskLander is voluntary for all landowners who want a modern solution for managing land access. Owners publically show the access permissions that for their parcels. When a request is made the parcel and its associated permissions is shown but the owners name and contact details remain hidden. All access requests go to the owner through the app, so no personal information needs to be made public. We also provide a chat feature in the app for secure and direct communication between landowners and land users.

  Why would I let strangers onto my land?

Only verified users of SaskLander, with a profile and username, can make requests. Every user will also be rated by the community based on past interactions so that platform users can make informed decisions about who to let on to their property or which properties to access. Recreational and/or organizational land use also brings economic value to your RM, keep animal populations under control, provide jobs, and help to build bridges between urban and rural communities.

  Why not just knock on the door like it has always been?

Not all landowners are present and it can be difficult to locate them if they are not at home. Also, people do not always knock at the most convenient times. When an owner is not readily available, the SaskLander app will facilitate the communication. Land owners will also have the option to schedule an in person meeting at their convenience after the initial contact has been made. This means avoiding strangers phoning at all hours of the day, or unexpectedly walking onto private property looking for an owner.

  What types of land use are covered?

We are hoping to cover all outdoor recreational and corporate land use so that landowners have as much control as possible over who can be on the land, when, and for what reason. These include, but are not limited to, Hunting, Hiking, ATV use, Photography, Utility and Infrastructure, Oil & Gas Exploration etc. We would also like to give users the ability to select intended routes to make requesting permissions simple and easy.

  What if land owners do not have smartphones?

We want to make the platform accessible to all interested landowners so the platform will be available on desktop and mobile. SaskLander is not trying to replace face to face interactions with land owners but to provide an alternative way of making initial contact, especially if you do not know the person, and potentially getting permission.

  Do you work for the Government

Our relationship with the government is only in the form of the “Rural Property Access Innovation Challenge” from Innovation Saskatchewan. We are a private company developing this platform because we think that it can bring real value to both landowners and lease holders, as well as the strong community of outdoor recreational users in Saskatchewan. Our goal is to transform rural land management and provide insights that bridge the gap between landowners and land users so that everyone can experience this wonderful province.

Managing Access

Who Benefits

Land Owners


Who has access to your land, when, and for what reason.


What land is available when and easily set and change permissions.


Incidents such as trespassing and property damage to the local community

Land Users


Land that is available when you want it.


With Landowners to request permission to access land.

Build Trust

By respecting owners rules for land use, promoting health in the rural community

What We Offer

A Land Management Platform For Your Needs

Use our interactive map to select your parcels and set the associated permission.

Schedule when parcels can and cannot be accessed.

Set request status for automatic or manual review.

Manage Land Access When And Where You Want

Real-time requests viewable and manageable on mobile or desktop.

Viewable reports for who has access to which parcels on any given day.

In-app communication to protect your private phone number.

Protect your land interests

Land verification to ensure accurate information.

2-way rating to make informed decisions about who is allowed access to your property.

Report incidents to the local community and RM to inform conservation response and promote safety.

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